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    Max od Hranicnej Rieky

Dutch Import  DDR/East German Lines
 This is our boy, Max, weighing in at 100 pounds of solid muscle and full of drive, energy, and intelligence. He is normal in his hips, elbows, and spine x-rays. 
Max is from Czech lines and was imported from the Netherlands with two titles and show rated excellent (vyborny)- SCHH1, SVV1
 Max has full working lines with titles and 90% with top level SCHH3 or IPO3 titles. From this he has super high play drive, loves to work, lots of energy, very secure and confident.  He has a phenomenal temperament enabling him to be with small dogs and children, and making him our perfect sire for our family-dog type GSDs. 
His progeny should have good drives, intelligence, and willingness to please with dark pigmentations and sound, athletic conformation.
His black color is recessive and will produce traditional "saddle-type" GSDs when bred to black and tan/red females or will produce black puppies with a Sable female black gene carrier.  We only get black puppies when we breed with a sable female. When we breed him with our black and red females we get only black and red puppies.